Self Improvement

Test Your People Skills

You don’t need to be a psychologist, but success in the free world requires that you know how to read, treat, and work with people. You will be most successful by making people feel valued and respected. When you show that you care about people, they become better versions of themselves, give more effort, and achieve more. They will also pay it forward if not directly return the favor to you.

Overcoming the Fear of Speaking Up and Presentations

When people are on a stage, or asked to speak, their brains immediately sense danger and they start to react. Some people sweat. Some blush. Others tremble, lose access to their memory, or feel sick in their stomach. Some actually get sick. However, there is hope. In fact, there is great news. Our brain isn’t limited to automatic thinking and responses. There is another much bigger and more powerful part of our brain called our pre-frontal cortex located in our forehead. This is the part of the brain we control.

The Start of Change: Self-Awareness

Neuroscience finds that others have a more accurate perspective of us than we do ourselves. We only have our own perspective which is generally based on good intentions, not realities. Plus, our internal perspective is clouded, if not obscured, by our many biases, fears, desires, and innate personality traits. Then there is our instinct which can lead us astray. For example, …

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