Coach the Mindset If You Expect to Change the Behavior

If you are like most people, helping others change doesn’t always work. In fact, it rarely works. Change is difficult. Habits are hard to break. Yet people do change. People quit smoking and stop drinking. Kids learn to do things right, at least eventually. Employees develop new skills. People learn self-control. What is the difference between the situations that turn out well and those that don’t?

15 Attributes of Great Boss

Great Boss Test

Assess yourself, or your boss, against this list of attributes of great bosses who set up their employees for success and develop a team of top-performers.


Do People Perform Better When Driven by Fear or Hope?

People think and act based on many influences, but two stand out as more influential than most – fear and hope. Both fear and hope drive us to act in ways we would not otherwise. Fear, for example, drives people to install home security systems and say “no” to risky business ventures. Hope drives people …

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