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Leadership Training

An organization’s leadership is consistently found to be the #1 attribute affecting organizational performance. So, for good reason top performing organizations invest in leadership development. They provide leadership training, executive coaching, and other resources to help managers and executives develop their leadership skills.

Some organizations send their hi-potential managers to offsite leadership programs such as those provided by respected business schools. Some employers offer onsite leadership training through in-house or external trainers. Yet these and other approaches can be both expensive and ineffective. They lack personalization and in some cases use outdated content. Neither are they very flexible or accommodating of employee’s schedules and other responsibilities.

To address the need for effective leadership training that is also affordable and flexible, Alpine Link has adapted its highly-successful SCOPE of Leadership development program into a virtual offering. This program is delivered remotely as a hybrid of online training and personalized remote coaching. As with other highly effective leadership programs, it includes world-class content but it uniquely also utilizes assessments, assignments, and 1on1 coaching to provide personalization and accountability.

Advantages of virtual training and development are numerous. Virtual training allows participants to learn on their own schedule and from any location. It enables participants to go at their own pace and focus on the topics that matter most to them. It allows as few or as many people to participate as desired. Does not require special equipment, dedicated facilities, or additional staff which make it less expensive.

Click here for an overview of Alpine Link’s SCOPE of Leadership development program.

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