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With all the schools, books, seminars, executive coaches, and human resource professionals focused on leadership, you might think great leadership is the norm in our society. Yet despite the focus on leadership and investment in leadership development, studies find that the quality of leadership continues to fall and set new lows. What is missing?

When employees are asked what quality their manager could possess that would enable them to perform their best, their number one answer is “the ability to coach.” Yet studies show that most managers possess little coaching ability and spend little time developing the skills of their people.

The SCOPE of Leadership™ is a framework of competencies that enable leaders to lead as coaches. It focuses leaders on developing their people and their people’s capabilities. It is a set of thirty-eight competencies in five categories (SELF, COMMUNICATIONS, OTHERS, PARTNERSHIPS, and EXECUTION) that are consistently found in great leaders and top performing organizations. The thirty-eight competencies of The SCOPE of Leadership move managers off the treadmill of busyness as usual and onto the path of working intentionally and delivering great results.

The competencies of the SCOPE of Leadership move managers from commanding, controlling, reporting, and doing to coaching, enabling, and inspiring. They enable a leadership ability and approach that leaders use to improve and leverage their number one asset – their people.

The SCOPE of Leadership framework uniquely develops both the mindset and ability leaders need in order to develop their people, foster teamwork, and produce results. Rather than a random set of competencies, it takes into consideration the dependencies and hierarchy of optimal leadership development.

Collectively, Alpine Link’s thirty-eight SCOPE of Leadership competencies enable leaders to:

  • Become a respected leader whom people aspire to follow
  • Leverage intra- and inter-organizational collaboration
  • Communicate with confidence and proficiency
  • Increase employee engagement and loyalty
  • Motivate, inspire, and impart ownership to others
  • Foster innovation and competitive advantage
  • Attract, coach, and develop top talent
  • Shape and enable a high-performance culture
  • Build trust, teamwork, and a spirit of community
  • Sustain speed, quality, and operational excellence

Praise for SCOPE of Leadership

“The most comprehensive treatment of leadership I’ve ever seen.” ~Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership challenge and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership at Santa Clara University

“Mike Hawkins clearly demonstrates that leadership is a learned skill . . . We can all use the detailed content in this series to be better leaders.” ~Tony Bingham, CEO of the American Society for Training & Development

“Mike Hawkins has made an extraordinary contribution to the leadership literature. He
has left no stone unturned. His effort is thorough, meaningful, and compelling.” ~Jim Loehr, Ed.D. Best-selling author and renowned performance psychologist

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  • Leading as Coach: High-impact leadership development program designed to help leaders produce results at the next level. Program offered online, in classroom, or as experiential. To inquire or request registration information, click here. Leading as Coach Development Program brochure.
  • SCOPE of LeadershipTM Workshops and Seminars: Customized leadership programs covering one or more of the SCOPE of Leadership competencies.         
  • SCOPE of LeadershipTM Coaching: One-on-one coaching to help executives develop their SCOPE of Leadership™ comptence and enhance their performance.
  • SCOPE of LeadershipTM Coaching for Coaches: Training for managers and coaches who aspire to coach the best out of their employees and managers.
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