Can a person reach their peak potential without faith – at work or home? We don’t think so. The courage, ability, and peace that comes from our supernatural creator is unequaled. Faith gives us strength and confidence to confront and overcome life’s challenges. When the going gets tough, we don’t worry. We know God will provide. We know God will overcome. We have a peace of mind that is not otherwise possible.

Faith provides a rock-solid foundation. With God on your side, believing in yourself and your desired outcome in whatever you pursue is much easier. Solomon, king of Israel in the tenth century B.C. said God “is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.” Faith can be a significant enabler in starting and sustaining your belief in yourself, your self-development, and achieving your goals.

Put your faith into action. The more your actions align with your values and faith, the more your faith will help you and the more strongly you will believe in what you are pursuing. If your goal is to become a better leader, position your leadership as an act of service. Create a mental picture of yourself as a servant leader. If your goal is to be a better spouse, consider how being a better spouse is a reflection of your faith and obedience to God.

Let your faith sustain your confidence. If you believe you can depend on God and your life is aligned to His will, you should have little doubt you can succeed. Having God on your team is as reassuring as having an old friend by your side. The belief that your pursuits are blessed not only comforts, but stimulates you. Spiritual belief has a calming effect that creates inner peace. Faith that someone is caring for you and guiding you frees you to concentrate on getting things done and liberates you from worrying about things you can’t control. It makes what might look like an impossible obstacle seem a minor detour.

Use your faith to remove the anxiety and stress your goals might generate. Pray for guidance. Ask God to help you select the right goals, to support you on your journey, and to secure your success. Seek His blessings, and depend on Him. Reflect on how your goals are aligned with His will, and secure your belief in your goals through your faith. You can then focus on the execution of your journey, not on the discomforts, anxiety, or obstacles you might experience. And when you are finished, give Him the glory.

Your unique combination of talents and experiences are God given, and you have a responsibility to put them to work for His benefit. If you have not made up your mind about your faith, now might be a good time to do so. Seek out a spiritual friend, pastor, or counselor to guide you.

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