Our Team

Adolisa Schaefer
Adolisa Schaefer
Business Analyst – Alpine Link
Adolisa has responsibility for designing assessments, administering surveys, synthesizing results, reporting findings, designing curriculum, and creating training content.
Analytics, Assessments, Curriculum
David Roberts
David Roberts
President – Clear Fork Group
Driving insight, innovation and value creation for people, teams and organizations.
Paul Hollrah
Paul Hollrah
Owner – Holton Systems
Founder and owner of Holton Systems, specializing in leadership development through customized 360 feedback processing for organizations and individuals in North America.
Leadership Development, 360 Feedback Processing
Randy Emelo
Randy Emelo
Partner – Alpine Link
A thought leader on collaboration, coaching, mentoring, innovation, and leadership development, Randy specializes in creating more connected and productive organizations.
Author, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Trainer
Jay Irwin
Jay Irwin
President – CBST Adventures
Jay teaches audiences, from inner-city youth to C-Suite executives, how to bring the gifts learned from wilderness experiences into daily life to create powerful and long-lasting change.
Coach, Facilitator, Speaker
Dave Tear
Owner, Head Coach – Sales Coaches' Corner
Bringing energy to the sales training environment that is contagious. He believes that if you aren’t laughing you aren’t learning.
Coach, Trainer
Paul Stanley
Partner – Black Diamond Capital
Adept at finding, developing and funding companies, advising on investment and capital, leadership development, and executive coaching.
Consultant, Executive Coach
Matt Martin
Matt Martin
Consultative Services Director – Global Enterprise Network
Facilitate leaders in discovering their best contributions within their organizations, coaching to achieve exceptional personal performance results.
Executive Coach
Leslie Martin
Leslie Martin
President – The Highlands Consulting Group
Expert in career development using state-of-the-art assessments that measure work-related strengths to maximize effectiveness.
Speaker, Consultant, Executive Coach
Christopher Klinvex
Christopher Klinvex
Co-Founder, EVP – Select International
Expertise in the integration of human resources systems with bottom-line results. Co-author of Hiring Great People.
Speaker, Consultant
Sue Kenfield
President – See It Thrive
Transforming complex interpersonal dynamics while helping leaders and teams excel.
Speaker, Consultant, Coach
Mark Hojegian
Mark Hojegian
Sales Director – CBST Adventures
Pulling participants out of the classroom and enhancing dynamic creative leadership with the majesty of Colorado as a backdrop.
Facilitator, Team Building, Event Management
Merit Gest
Founder – Merit-Based Development, Inc.
Focusing on behaviors, attitudes and techniques to elicit the best in others so they can overcome self-limiting beliefs and achieve their professional and personal goals.
Trainer, Consultant, Coach
Linda Davis
Growth Acceleration Leader – RSM First-Choice Advisor Center
Delivering strategic process change solutions in sales, marketing, and client relationship management for clients.
Coach, Consultant
Rick Davis
Rick Davis
Growth Acceleration Leader – RSM First-Choice Advisor Center
Thought leader in growth strategy development, sales process innovation, and pursuit team coaching.
Facilitator, Speaker, Coach, Trainer
Chip Toth
Chip Toth
President – Leaders Inspire
Passionate about motivating leaders to reach their full potential in their personal and professional roles.
Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker
Colleen Stanley
Colleen Stanley
President – SalesLeadership, Inc.
Colleen’s unique combination of knowledge, credibility, humor, and energy leave audiences with a renewed commitment to change, act, and get results.
Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Trainer
Colleen Francis
Colleen Francis
President – Engage Selling Solutions
A successful sales leader for over 20 years, she understands the challenges of selling in today’s market and that business leaders can no longer rely on approaches to sales based on techniques from decades ago.
Coach, Consultant, Trainer
Mike Danchak
Mike Danchak
President – Helping Services
Coaching in the critical aspects of relational and developmental leadership provides the insights to maximize an excellent marketing and business plan.
Mike Armour
President – Strategic Leadership International
Serving executives who want to enhance their effectiveness. Consulting and speaking on leadership, communication, and building a Trust-Bonded Organization™.
Consultant, Speaker
Tracy West-Grubb
Tracy West-Grubb
Partner – Alpine Link
Innovative and effective leader with a passion for transforming organizations. She has a balance of soft and technical skills that effectively drive change. She has a talent for creating high-performance cultures that operate with excellence.
Coach, Consultant, Trainer
Mike Hawkins
Mike Hawkins
President – Alpine Link
Respected practitioner, author, guest lecturer, and thought leader in self-improvement, leadership, consultative selling, and business management.
Executive Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Strategist, Trainer

Join Our Team

Alpine Link is seeking qualified candidates for the positions of:

  • Partner
  • Associate
  • Analyst

Responsibilities vary depending on position, but generally include:

  • Selling of coaching, training, management consulting services, and associated resources
  • Delivery of coaching, training, and management consulting services
  • Client workshop facilitation
  • Research, assessments, data capture, analysis, and interpretation
  • Presentation, workshop, and training content creation

Hiring qualifications vary depending on position, but generally include:

  • Graduate degree
  • 3+ years experience in sales, marketing, and/or business development
  • 5+ years experience in management
  • 2+ years experience in delivering management consulting, training, and/or coaching services
  • Desire to learn leading-edge practices including the psychological underpinnings of shaping human thinking and behaving
  • Desire to become a world-class management consultant and/or executive coach
  • Interest in being a thought leader and contributing to the development of best practices
  • Eagerness to help develop the next generation of great consultants, coaches, sales professionals, and leaders

If interested and qualified, contact Alpine Link at info@alpinelink.com

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