Leadership Development

Studies consistently find that an organization’s leadership is the #1 attribute impacting their performance.  Alpine Link offers the following services to help leaders achieve their peak potential:

  • Leadership and Management Training. Training programs for leaders and managers on the coaching approach to leadership that brings out the peak potential in their teams, organizations, and themselves. 
  • SCOPE of Leadership™ Workshops. Five quarterly one-day onsite workshops that teach leaders how to apply the SCOPE of Leadership™ competencies that great leaders possess such as coaching, delegating, improving productivity, imparting ownership, fostering collaboration, and stimulating engagement. 
  • Executive Coaching. An experienced professional engaged to assist executives in developing their SCOPE of Leadership™ competencies, honing their leadership skills, enhancing their individual performance, and improving their organizational performance.
  • Executive Coaching for Engineering Managers. Professional coaching designed to help engineering managers develop their EQ and soft skills in areas such as emotional intelligence, interpersonal communications, cross-functional collaboration, and presentation delivery.
  • Frameworks. Models, diagrams, templates, flowcharts, and checklists that guide managers in how to motivate, exhort, enable, guide, coach, manage, and assimilate their teams.
  • Competency Model Development. Targeted development of leadership competencies designed to transform managers to leaders.
  • Assessments. Individual and team assessments that increase awareness and uncover opportunities for improvement.

SCOPE of Leadership

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