Leadership Approach Assessment

   Leadership Approach Self-Assessment


Complete this self-assessment to help determine and reflect on your leadership approach.

For each of the questions listed below, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being Almost Always True and 1 being Almost Never True. Choose the response you think most honestly and objectively represents your default approach.

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Phantom Approach

I spend very little time 1-on-1 with my team and am often not available.

I avoid having the tough conversations with my team and colleagues.

My confidence comes from spending time with people outside of my team.

Taskmaster Approach

I lead by telling others what to do rather than seek out their ideas.

I use my positional authority to control how work gets done.

My confidence comes from my ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Contributor Approach

I add value to my organization by applying my domain skills.

I enjoy getting into the details and being involved in the tactical day-to-day.

My confidence comes from my own contributions and domain expertise.

Organizer Approach

I spend most of my time scheduling, planning, and prioritizing people’s work.

I delegate work, allocate resources where needed, and keep people informed.

My confidence comes from my knowledge of and control over resources.

Coach Approach

I place the highest priority on helping others and making them successful.

I help people develop by exhortation, sharing knowledge, and giving feedback.

My confidence comes through seeing others be successful.

Transformer Approach

I’m proactive in identifying new initiatives and leading change.

I inspire people to leave the status quo and embrace new ideas.

My confidence comes through motivating others to take action.

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