Sales Improvement

As the cliché goes, nothing happens until a sale is made. Sales drives organizational success. Alpine Link offers the following sales related services to help organizations reach their peak potential:

  • Sales Value Chain Discovery and Assessment. Focused assessments that create transparency into sales performance improvement opportunities.
  • Peak Potential Selling™ Process Innovation and Reengineering. Comprehensive sales engagements that establish a high-impact direct sales and/or in-direct channel sales approach based on contemporary best practices.
  • Peak Potential Selling™ Consultative Sales Coaching and Training. Expert assistance in building consultative selling skills through winning selling principles as opposed to overly-simplistic selling tactics.
  • Consultative Sales Training for non-Sales Personnel. Training designed to help consultants, non-sales executives, project managers, and other non-sales personnel learn the art and science of selling.
  • Sales Pursuit and Account Penetration Workshops. Focused workshops that create differentiated and winning pursuit plans in targeted opportunities and accounts.
  • Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Workshops. Facilitated workshops that create new opportunities that feed the sales funnel and fill the pipeline.
  • Sales Enablement. Consulting services that provide sales professionals with a sales kit of targeted tools, techniques, value propositions, messages, and compensation plans to increase sales of specific offerings.

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