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Alpine Link is a boutique consulting company founded in 2005 by Mike Hawkins. Alpine Link provides leadership development workshops, executive coaching, consultative sales training programs, and management consulting services that are based on extensive practical experience in helping individuals and organizations reach peak performance. Our capabilities share a common core – delivering results through influencing human behavior. Because leaders sell, sales people lead, and everyone performs their best by having an ability to positively influence others, our core focus underpins two areas of specialization related to
the art and science of influence.

Leadership Development: Learning to lead, setting the example for others to follow, communicating effectively, coaching leaders to lead as coaches, imparting ownership, leveraging partnerships, promoting collaboration, and executing with excellence.

Sales Performance Improvement: Selling as a consultant, becoming a strategic advisor, implementing customer service best practices, delivering a high-impact value proposition, developing sales resources, and creating alignment in the sales ecosystem.

Alpine Link is founded on the principle that reaching your peak potential is an individual journey, not a mass-produced event. It requires taking action in four areas: 1) developing improved approaches and practices, 2) creating the enabling mindset, 3) transferring knowledge and understanding, and 4) building ability through application. Our consulting, training, and coaching services span these four areas providing the customized capability and integration our clients require.

Organizations and individuals who are successful are those with the ability to execute in these four areas. Success happens not to those with the best ideas, but to those who translate their ideas into abilities and actions. Alpine Link engages in targeted work that enables results, not merely knowledge acquisition. We help our clients execute with excellence and confidence, not dependence.

Praise for the SCOPE of Leadership Series

“The most comprehensive treatment of leadership I’ve ever seen.” ~Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership challenge and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership at Santa Clara University

“Mike Hawkins clearly demonstrates that leadership is a learned skill . . . We can all use the detailed content in this series to be better leaders.” ~Tony Bingham, CEO of the American Society for Training & Development

“Mike Hawkins has made an extraordinary contribution to the leadership literature. He has left no stone unturned. His effort is thorough, meaningful, and compelling.” ~Jim Loehr, Ed.D. Best-selling author and renowned performance psychologist

Praise for Activating Your Ambition

“With laser-like focus and a matter-of-fact style, Mike Hawkins outlines what it takes for people and organizations to succeed. Read Activating Your Ambition and prepare yourself for new heights of success!” ~Marshall Goldsmith, NYT and WSJ #1 best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and the recently published WSJ best-seller Succession: Are You Ready?

“This is a life-changing book! It shows you how to get more out of yourself and fulfill more of your potential than you may have thought possible.” ~Brian Tracy, author of How Leaders Lead.

“Mike Hawkins’ book on ambition is based on sound principles of behaviour change and is written in a clear and lucid style.” ~Ian H Robertson, PhD MRIA, Professor of Psychology, School of Psychology and Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin and author of Mind Sculpture: Unlocking Your Brain’s Untapped Potential

“A comprehensive distillation of sound advice and practical research that will benefit a wide range of readers.” ~Jack Zenger, CEO, Zenger Folkman, co-author of the best-selling The Extraordinary Leader and The Inspiring Leader

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