How Philosophy Could Help You

Have you ever taken a philosophy course? I remember looking at college electives and wondering why anyone would take a course on philosophy. What benefit could there possibly be in debating the nature of self, metaphysics, truth, or knowledge? How could that possibly help an engineering undergrad? As the cliché goes, hindsight is 20/20. Not …

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Is Your Value Showing?

One of the most common concerns workers have is not knowing if their contributions are valued. Many employees work diligently to perform their work, but receive little feedback on how they are doing. Some don’t think about it much until they attend a meeting or receive an internal memo highlighting others who have achieved something noteworthy. …

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What it Takes to Get Along

Have you ever asked “why can’t people just get along?” Or thought about all the conflict that occurs in life? By some estimates managers in the workplace spend 20 percent of their time dealing with conflict. When you add in the time managers spend overcoming differences of opinion, that number goes up even higher. At …

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How Not to Take Comments Too Personally

Having self-esteem is fundamental to being mentally healthy. Being self-assured is at the core of success at work and home. Self-esteem and self-assurance, like self-confidence, are good qualities. However, don’t confuse them with arrogance or feeling superior to others. When you have a healthy self-esteem, you feel good about yourself. You don’t require external validation. You …

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Which Is More Important – the Details or Big Picture?

There is a significant difference between people that is obvious when you look for it, but not so obvious when you don’t. It shows up in conversation, but often doesn’t produce conflict until people start working or living together.  The difference is people’s preference for detail. Some people love detail. They pour themselves into the minutia …

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