Decision Making

Colorado gold mining

Leadership Lessons from the Colorado Gold Rush

Attending college includes “getting through” required courses in areas such as English and social science. Classes like English composition, American history, and introduction to psychology are required even when getting a degree in an unrelated field like engineering or computer science. Hence many students say “I have to complete my required courses to graduate” rather …

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Making right or wrong decision changes your circumstances

Decision Making that Saves Time and Money

If you’ve not done so, give some thought to how you make decisions. What typically leads to good outcomes? Bad outcomes? What lessons have you learned from past decisions and how have you incorporated them into your current decision making? Compare your list of lessons learned to the decision-making best practices in my article.

Setting Priorities Chart

Are You Checking Boxes That Matter?

Unless you are comfortably retired, you probably work really hard every day which keeps you so busy that just getting through the day is a big accomplishment. But is it really? Is getting through the day, regardless of what you do, truly satisfying and meaningful? Is it really the best use of your time and energy?

Which Is More Important – the Details or Big Picture?

There is a significant difference between people that is obvious when you look for it, but not so obvious when you don’t. It shows up in conversation, but often doesn’t produce conflict until people start working or living together.  The difference is people’s preference for detail. Some people love detail. They pour themselves into the minutia …

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