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Selling success with quantity or quality?

Selling – Depends on Quantity or Quality?

With selling being an important skill, what is the most fundamental principle of selling? Ask any seasoned marketing, sales, or business development professional and you’ll hear something like this—if you’re not making your target audience aware, you are not selling. You may have a great idea, product, or service, but if people don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter. If you’re not sharing your knowledge and getting your message in front of people, you’re not creating demand.

Has Lower Costs (and Quality) Gone Far Enough?

Would you be concerned if you bought a house that was only built to last five years? Yes, of course. You buy a house with the expectation it will last forever, or at least as long as you own it. What about purchases that go into your home? Do you expect dishwashers, microwave ovens, faucets, and …

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Three Characteristics of Successful Sales People

In years past, many companies and their sales people relied on selling tactics to sell their offerings. They conveyed rehearsed value propositions. They gave away logoed items to promote their brand. They processed their client prospects through scripted sales systems. In some cases, they employed clever if not aggressive closing tactics such as “if I can …

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Is Your Organization’s Challenge External or Internal?

Regardless of a company’s product, service, market, or industry, there is competition. For most companies, competition is fierce and intensifying. Adding to the threats from rival competitors are ever more demanding customers. Customers armed with multiple supplier options continue to ask for more. They want more services, features, and attractive terms, yet often don’t want …

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The Truth About Profit

Should you or your colleagues at work understand profit even if you aren’t measured on it? Should employees at all levels care about your organization’s profitability? Does having an understanding of finances help employees make the right decisions?  Of course the answers are “yes”.  Ensuring financial profitability is everyone’s responsibility. The organization you work for …

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