It Takes Two to Fight, but ….

You’ve experienced it before, probably in the last few days, either with people at work or family at home. Someone says or does something that offends someone else. A disagreement ensues. After both parties become embroiled in the conflict, who started it and often the reason are long forgotten. From an outsider’s perspective the cliché “it …

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The Most Neglected Area Impacting Work Performance

When you think about what impacts your job performance and your professional development objectives, what do you think about? Performance and ongoing development for most people are based on two categories of skills – soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are general skills that apply regardless of role or position such as communicating effectively, …

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Giving versus Getting

My second-oldest daughter, Angela, recently married. Several people have asked me what I said when giving my toast to the bride and groom. In my toast, I talked about the importance of giving verses getting. Giving is a timeless principle that always gratifies and delights, yet is easy for spouses to forget—especially in our “me …

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