Dealing with Unwanted Circumstances

Controlling your mind isn’t for wimps. Trying not to think about something is almost impossible. For example, if you have financial challenges, how do you tell yourself not to think about your financial challenges? Or health issues? Or family, work, or relationship problems? Everyone experiences frustration, fear, anxiety, or worry, but that doesn’t make it …

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What Your Circumstances Shouldn’t Do

Have you ever thought about how much your attitude depends on your circumstances? For example, does your happiness depend on how much praise you receive? How much money you have? How organized and controlled things are? How well your children are doing? Or do you stay upbeat regardless of your situation? How about your character? …

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Your Circumstances – Problems or Opportunities?

When you think about what works well in your organization, what comes to mind? Are you most proud of your ongoing product innovation, top-quality customer service, or harmonious teamwork? How about what doesn’t work so well? Is it your slow approval processes, lack of sense of urgency, or inability to obtain higher margins? You can …

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