Kevin Ekeland, Senior Director, Symantec

“I have worked with Mike Hawkins and Alpine Link in two capacities: as my personal executive coach and to develop and deliver a sales workshop to our international field sales & marketing organization. In both cases I found Mike to be exceptional to work with. As my executive coach I found his ability to help me explore my leadership capabilities to be very insightful (and sometimes humbling!), giving me new perspectives to consider and work with. In addition I was also impressed with the tools Alpine Link made available to me through personality tests, 360 reviews, and reference materials. As our sales workshop facilitator Mike did an exceptional job in understanding our business and tailoring the content to both our business and our audience. On a personal level Mike has helped me grow as a leader, and on an organizational level Mike and Alpine Link have helped our field sales and marketing organization enrich our skill set. I would highly recommend Mike and Alpine Link.”

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