Brian Recker, President, RJM Construction

“Mike Hawkins has been a great executive coach. Our coaching has given me awareness of my strengths, as well as areas of suggested development. I have appreciated the tools, approaches, and structure which have enabled me to make valuable changes, both with myself, as well as within my company.”

Troy D. Craft, Project Manager, MarCon, Inc.

“Mike Hawkins’ intuitive style and deep insight involving corporate business interaction and coaching proved increasingly beneficial as our sessions progressed. His grass roots approach to the abstract makes his suggestions extremely quick and easy to implement and the results are just as positive.”

Jane Dvorak, Executive Officer, Summit County Builders Association

“Mike did an outstanding seminar for our association. From the comments I heard, many felt it was thought provoking and well worth the time and money to attend. As word of mouth spread after the seminar, I’ve been told by others they wished they had attended.”

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