John Lichty, CEO, Rock River Environmental Services

“After one year of working with Mike under what was originally a 6 month commitment, I have not only been 100% convinced to continue to seek his help for my own development but have implemented coaching for our COO as well. Mike has not only been able to help me with the challenges that go along with becoming the CEO this past year, but to help me plan and implement important business initiatives such as leading an organization that is constantly striving to improve efficiency and best operational practices. Based on Mike’s past experiences and his ability to challenge me to lead and execute business initiatives, I plan to seek Mike’s help in developing our sales approach as well. Mike has been very quick to understand the unique dynamics of our organization and our industry, and then help me seek the outcomes we have planned together. Mike’s style is the right balance of encouragement, when appropriate, and more importantly to challenge me along the way as well. If anyone is hesitant to enter into the coaching experience, especially because they don’t know what to expect, I would strongly urge you to get started. Mike will help you develop your expectations and positive outcomes.”

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