Mike Armour

MIKE ARMOUR, an Alpine Link Corporation partner, is president of Strategic Leadership International. When he speaks on leadership, communication, and building a Trust-Bonded Organization™, he draws on a lifetime of firsthand experience. At 33 he founded a highly successful private school. By 37 he was one of America’s youngest college presidents. At 38, he was a naval reserve commander in the field of intelligence. Mike eventually retired from the Navy as a captain after five years of directing systems security and information technology for a nationwide intelligence command. Along the way he has led a variety of faith-based institutions, managed major political campaigns, and headed multi-million dollar fundraising drives.

Through his entire career Mike has been the “go-to” man for organizations needing to turn around or get back on track. For the past decade he has worked with educators in Russia and Ukraine to bring character training into their schools and universities. Mike’s firm serves executives who want to enhance their effectiveness. Mike earned his Ph.D. from UCLA, and holds additional degrees from four other colleges and universities.

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