Mark Hojegian

MARK HOJEGIAN, an Alpine Link Corporation partner, is a back country guide, and an account executive for Colorado Bike and Ski Tours. CBST is a leading provider of experiential outdoor education programs for corporations visiting Colorado. CBST has found a niche by literally pulling folks out of the classroom and enhancing dynamic creative leadership with the majesty of Colorado as a backdrop.

Although Mark’s engineering degree from Virginia Tech led him to many successful opportunities, he was always frustrated that he had to leave his love for the outdoors behind when he went to work in high-tech environments. He made it a personal goal to find a position in life where technology, business development, personal growth and a passion for life could share the same stage. A few years ago, Mark participated in Colorado Bike and Ski Tours’ 24-hour mountain bike odyssey known as Montezuma’s Revenge. After competing in this world class event, Mark jumped on board and never looked back.

When he’s not helping corporate executives develop leadership skills, Mark runs a successful real estate business with offices in Denver and Summit County, Colorado. Between the heart of the city and the snow capped peaks of the Continental Divide, Mark works with large investment groups, first-time home buyers and everyone in between. He enjoys working with all types of clients and he’s never afraid to jump into an interesting project and get his hands dirty.

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