Dave Tear

DAVE TEAR, an Alpine Link Corporation partner, is owner and Head Coach of Sales Coaches’ Corner, a sales training company.  He has been in the sales, sales management and sales training for 29+ years.  His passion for selling and helping others understand the sales process is unmatched.

Dave brings energy to the sales training environment that is contagious.  He captures people’s attention – and keeps it for the entire session.  Paying attention and “staying awake” are not issues when Dave is facilitating a training session.  He believes that if you aren’t laughing you aren’t learning.

Dave’s real-life experiences make him credible.  He has been selling for the past 22 years – in a number of different industries from Industrial Chemicals to Online Sweepstakes to Promotional Merchandise.  Hundreds of companies from dozens of industries have benefited from Dave’s programs including financial, commercial real estate, manufacturing and many service industries.   His true love is selling Sales Training which leads to facilitating the Training and Coaching of his clients.

Whether a client company has a 3 person sales team or a 300-person national sales department Dave coaches and trains them to be the best in their industry.  He does it by helping clients understand how their buyer’s buy their products or services.  “If you don’t understand the strategy the buyer uses when deciding to purchase your products or services you will never be able to grow sales consistently.”  Dave says.  He spends a great deal of time in his training helping clients recreate the buyer’s strategy.  The “Game Plan” which he teaches his clients is in defense of the buyer’s strategy.

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