Chip Toth

CHIP TOTH, an Alpine Link Corporation partner, is president of Leaders Inspire, a leadership development company. Chip is committed to helping leaders and emerging leaders become peak performers in their firms. He is passionate about motivating leaders to reach their full potential in their personal and professional roles. Chip has a background in business development with several fast-growing companies in the Northeast. He has received numerous awards for sales as well as led a large branch office for his company. He has also worked for a firm that invested heavily in commercial remodeling — providing a “turn key” service to their clients.

Prior to Leaders Inspire, Chip was with FMI where he was a leadership consultant and coach to the construction industry. Prior to FMI, Chip founded and led a not-for-profit organization, growing its membership base significantly. His leadership involved recruiting, training, teambuilding, motivating, planning, and presenting. The success that this organization achieved under Chip’s leadership was largely through the efforts of a group of volunteers who were committed to making a difference, without any financial rewards for their contribution. He believes in the worth of the individual and is passionate for every leader to leave an enduring legacy. Chip received a bachelor’s degree from The State University of New York at Oswego.

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