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Alpine Link Sales Training and Enablement Services

Alpine Link Corporation offers customized sales training and enablement services for companies of all sizes in all industries. We specialize in enabling sales teams to sell as strategic advisors and consultants.

Alpine Link uses a consultative sales model that blends the best elements of relationship selling, value selling, solution selling, and consultative selling along with contemporary findings in behavioral science. It focuses on leveraging both advanced relationship skills and in-depth solution expertise. It is a challenging and advanced level of selling, but is required in complex and competitive sales opportunities.

Having personally spent many years successfully selling in this market, we know that sales people need to be adept at building relationships as well as helping customers solve their problems. On the problem solving dimension, our consultative sales approach relies on in-depth requirements gathering, solution formulation, and solution validation. On the relationship building dimension, it focuses on having executive presence, calling on a company’s most senior executives, communicating a compelling value proposition, and securing a trusting relationship.

Companies who have adopted this approach have dramatically shortened their selling cycles, increased sales, and increased profit margins. The key to seeing results is not merely learning what to do, but actually making behavior modifications. Hence, our offerings focus on changing behaviors, not just imparting knowledge. We develop sales representatives who add-value to the sales process for all stakeholders - employeers, partners, and clients.

Sales Performance Improvement Services

  • Sales Value Chain Discovery and Assessment - Focused assessments that create transparency into sales performance improvement opportunities.
  • Peak Potential Selling™ Process Innovation and Reengineering - Comprehensive sales engagements that establish a high-impact direct sales and/or in-direct channel sales approach based on contemporary best practices.
  • Peak Potential Selling™ Consultative Sales Coaching and Training - Expert assistance in building consultative selling skills through winning selling principles as opposed to overly-simplistic selling tactics.
  • Consultative Sales Training for non-Sales Personnel - Training designed to help consultants, non-sales executives, project managers, and other non-sales personnel learn the art and science of selling.
  • Sales Pursuit and Account Penetration Workshops - Focused workshops that create differentiated and winning pursuit plans in targeted opportunities and accounts.
  • Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Workshops - Facilitated workshops that create new opportunities that feed the sales funnel and fill the pipeline.
  • Sales Enablement - Consulting services that provide sales professionals with a sales kit of targeted tools, techniques, value propositions, messages, and compensation plans to increase sales of specific offerings.
See Alpine Link's brochure on sales improvement services.

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