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Alpine Link Consulting, Training, and Coaching Services

Alpine Link Whiteboard VideoAlpine Link Corporation offers specialized consulting, coaching, and training services for organizations and individuals. We pride ourselves in making a positive difference and delivering high-impact services that are differentiated from conventional firms in six ways:

1. Our approach is based on practical experience, not theory. We are business practitioners, not business philosophers. We fully understand the "what" and the "why", but uniquely focus on the "how". We practice, not philosophize. We are not self-proclaimed experts who merely know how to talk and present. If you don't care about experience, then hire speakers who only speak, coaches who only coach, and trainers who only train. We take on the most challenging assignments and stay grounded in experience, not concepts.     

2. We customize our content to the specific needs of our clients. People, organizations, customers, and markets are different. Off-the-shelf services and standardized programs are good for imparting general knowledge, but fall short of enabling sustainable behavior change. We tailor our content to leverage our client’s unique capabilities and opportunities. We don't use generic exercises or contrived examples. We focus on our client's specific needs and address actual challenges.  

3. Our thought leadership is best-in-class.  Consultants, trainers, and coaches are commodities. True experts are not. We offer the most advanced yet value-conscious knowledge available. We keep our expertise current with continual updates to our rich principle centered "how-to" library of models and frameworks. Because most organizational performance issues are rooted in people issues, we refine our approaches and templates continually to reflect our latest work on behavioral change as well as new findings from neuroscience research.  

4. We make the intangible tangible. We put science into the art. We uniquely apply analytical capabilities such as root-cause diagnostics, process modeling, and behavioral science to areas considered non-scientific and intangible such as self-improvement, organizational change, leadership development, and sales performance improvement. We have the unique ability, methods, and tools to understand, model, simplify, communicate, and turn complex issues into straightforward solutions. We organize the disorganized.

5. Our abilities transcend the organizational ecosystem. From our experience in working across multiple domains, we understand how organizational elements interact and impact each another. Abraham Maslow said, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." We see problems for what they are, not for what we have to offer.

6. We deliver results. We focus on adding value and impacting our client's bottom line. We only engage in meaningful work. Our involvement directly improves how organizations develop, produce, sell, and deliver their products and services. We do the hard work that needs to be done for organizations to truly improve their performance. Our consulting, training, and coaching services deliver real value.
In short, our practical experience, tailored approach, thought leadership, ability to deal with complexity, unique cross-domain capabilities, and results focus provide our clients with more value in less time than with conventional training and consulting methods. This makes us a best fit for clients who have the highest expectations. We cater to those whose higher standards go beyond simple training programs and basic consulting services. We don't settle for mediocrity and neither should you. 

The coaches, speakers, trainers, and consultants you engage set the standard for your employees to follow and reflect your own competence. Use Alpine Link and set the standard high. When you hire Alpine Link, we not only enable your success, we make you look smart in the process.

Contact Alpine Link for a no-charge introductory discussion and see the difference for yourself.

Alpine Link's services include:

Sales Performance Improvement

  • Sales Value Chain Discovery and Assessment - Focused assessments that create transparency into sales performance improvement opportunities.
  • Peak Potential Selling™ Process Innovation and Reengineering - Comprehensive sales engagements that establish a high-impact direct sales and/or in-direct channel sales approach based on contemporary best practices.
  • Peak Potential Selling™ Consultative Sales Coaching and Training - Expert assistance in building consultative selling skills through winning selling principles as opposed to overly-simplistic selling tactics.
  • Consultative Sales Training for non-Sales Personnel - Training designed to help consultants, non-sales executives, project managers, and other non-sales personnel learn the art and science of selling.
  • Sales Pursuit and Account Penetration Workshops - Focused workshops that create differentiated and winning pursuit plans in targeted opportunities and accounts.
  • Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Workshops - Facilitated workshops that create new opportunities that feed the sales funnel and fill the pipeline.
  • Sales Enablement - Consulting services that provide sales professionals with a sales kit of targeted tools, techniques, value propositions, messages, and compensation plans to increase sales of specific offerings.
Alpine Link's brochure on sales improvement services.

Leadership Development and Self-Improvement

  • Leadership and Management Training - Training programs that teach executives the SCOPE of Leadership™ competencies of great leaders including a coaching approach to leadership that brings out the peak potential in their teams, organizations, and themselves.
  • SCOPE of Leadership™ Workshops - Focused programs that help leaders learn and apply specific SCOPE of Leadership™ competencies that great leaders possess such as coaching, delegating, improving productivity, imparting ownership, fostering collaboration, and stimulating engagement.
  • Executive Coaching - A dedicated professional engaged to assist executives in developing their SCOPE of Leadership™ competencies, honing their leadership skills, enhancing their individual performance, and improving their organizational performance.
  • Executive Coaching for Engineering Managers - Professional coaching designed to help engineering managers develop their EQ and soft skills in areas such as emotional intelligence, interpersonal communications, cross-functional collaboration, and presentation delivery.
  • Activating Your Ambition™ Workshops - Workshops focused on helping people move from thinking to doing. It involves learning the eight principles of enabling change, formulating written goals, and creating an action plan roadmap that moves ambitions to realities.
Alpine Link's brochure on leadership development and coaching services.

Business Improvement

  • Operational Effectiveness Assessments - Short consulting engagements that identify process, system, skill, role, incentive, and other operational improvements needed to improve organizational performance.
  • Organizational Change and Best Practice Deployment - Engagements designed to capture, establish, and institutionalize core values and ongoing best practices.
  • Peak Potential Business Strategy and Business Planning - Facilitated sessions that help business unit leaders craft strategies and action plans that achieve near-term objectives while building long-term competitive advantage.
  • High-Impact Offsite Meeting Facilitation - Sessions designed to transform mundane management meetings into highly-engaged and productive meetings using expert facilitation, assessments, team building programs, and innovative brainstorming methods. 
Alpine Link's brochure on business improvement services.

Listing of Alpine Link's workshops and events

Mike Hawkins president and principal of Alpine Link CorporationMIKE HAWKINS is president of Alpine Link Corporation. Mike speaks, consults, trains, and coaches organizations and individuals to higher levels of performance. He is a respected practitioner, author, guest lecturer, and thought leader in self-improvement, leadership, consultative selling, and business management.  

Prior to founding Alpine Link Corp., Mike Hawkins had the distinction of having direct hands-on experience throughout the primary activities in the enterprise value chain. He excelled as an engineer in product development with Halliburton. He was a successful salesman and marketing executive with IBM. He worked as global general manager for Scient, a fast growing e-Business Systems Innovator, and held the position of executive vice-president for LogicaCMG, a global consulting and IT solution provider. He has worked in multiple industries including management consulting, information technology, financial services, manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, utilities, and energy. For more information see: Mike Hawkins' full biography Mike Hawkins' PDF summary biography,  Mike Hawkins' video biography

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